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Asia Global is a premier Export house, dedicated to dealing with the finest India long grain rice, Non-basmati rice, Spices & Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA-45.Our huge range of Rice & Spices. We are an ISO certified company, presently exporting all kinds of Indian spices, pulses, grains to worldwide markets including Asia, Singapore, Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa. The quality of the spices is checked at the point of procurement from farmers which are thereafter processed as per international standard. The Asia Global company takes the pride and heritage of bringing fame and appreciation to the Indian herbs and spices all around the World. Our huge range of the “Spices” products are of high quality, they come in practical and best packaging and they are supplied in the US and European Markets by our complete distribution network.


To improve the work and performance by offering personalized purchasing solutions to satisfy our customers specific needs in terms of time, quality & prices.


Being a leading trading company in India we make sure to add sustainable value to our clients. Our services are always secure and transparent. To Provide an integrated trading solution for consumers to ensure sustainable profits.



Best Quality Services

When it comes to exporting spices or other products, there must be no compromise. This is why we strive to provide you with the best quality services to ensure that our product stays healthy...


Using the best packaging methods, we ensure that the food is packaged and stored to the best.

Trusted & Legally Approved Certified Services

Being an Indian certified Exim company, we make sure that our services are always secure and transparent.

Commitment & Time Adherence

When it comes to exports, time is a huge factor This is why, at Asia Global, we are committed to ensuring that we get the job done on schedule time without fail.

Vast Experience in Food Trading

Our vast experience in spices & food assiduity is what makes us the ideal choice for your trading needs.


At ASIA GLOBAL we've a wide range of products that are of great quality. We constantly prioritize that our clients get the best for what they've paid and get the ultimate satisfaction. We've a wide range of products that are of great quality and are very competitively priced. We've customers from all over the globe. We deal with products like all kinds of spice, argo products, Rubber products, coconut, tea products per the requirement of clients.

Benefits –

  • Quality control
  • On time delivery
  • Wide verity of products
  • Highly competitive price
  • No communication barriers

turmeric export from india
turmeric export from india


ASIA GLOBAL IMPORTS provide services that let the clients Import their products to other countries and get opportunities there. We believe that the world is a global village and if there is potential in the product it should be shown on a global platform. Our organization makes sure that the products are purchased at the right price so that the exporter gets the right value.

Benefits –

  • Right price
  • Bulk purchase
  • Frequent transactions
  • Excellent customer base


We find the best manufacturers as per the customer's demand. Also we negotiate and get the best deals, besides we handle the consignment and look after the logistics as ordered by the customer. The quality of service is always top- notch and we always update the customer when necessitated. We make our client's business hassle free .

Benefits –

  • Quality control
  • On time delivery
  • Wide product range
  • Highly competitive price

turmeric export from india
spices exporters

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